Co-writer/Director/Producer/Designer of
Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! 

Kelly O’Neal is a multi-disciplinary performing and visual artist, and the founder of Mean Mama Dog Productions.

As an actor she has worked in film, TV, classical theater, musical theater, performance art, and stand-up comedy.  Look for her in the upcoming films I, Tonya, Candy Jar, and Those Who Deserve to Die, as well as the Netflix series Insatiable.

As an independent filmmaker, KellyO is performer, writer, director, designer, props maker, and editor. She crafts props, set pieces, and costumes, using a variety of materials—paper, paint, polymer clay, fabric, and found objects, and edits in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mean Mama Dog Productions has several projects in various stages of development and production. There are three completed projects to date:

  • The web series The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show was at the forefront of the wave of YouTube shows.
  • Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! is a feature film now being submitted to film festivals worldwide. KellyO co-wrote directed, produced, designed, and edited the film starring herself, of course.
  • The short film Ozmandroomunculus is based on The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom, a book by Robin Spriggs. KellyO was cinematographer, editor, and producer.

KellyO’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited in galleries and commissioned for books, periodicals, and board games.

As a vocalist, she has performed in jazz and country bands, and she was a founding member of the 90’s glam/funk musical extravaganza, Superchick and Goodpussy (much to her father’s chagrin).

She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Florida State University, studying with Joseph Papp, Roger Rees, and Raul Julia, among others. She also attended The North Carolina School of the Arts, and PAVAC, Miami’s performing arts high school.

Visit KellyO on the IMDb

Read about her journey from actor to filmmaker:
Oz Magazine  “Scratch That Itch.” by Kelly O’Neal

Listen to interviews:
Atlanta Film Chat
Check out that board game she co-illustrated:
Capes & Cowls: The Superhero Board Game





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